North Korea Launches Squadron of Bombers and Fighters Towards South Korea

BREAKING: North Korea has launched a squadron of multipurpose bombers and fighter aircraft towards the “special reconnaissance line” near the DMZ with South Korea. This image provided by the South Koreans reportedly shows a section of the aircraft which look like a mix of MiG-21s and J-7s, the workhorses of the older North Korean Air Force. These are Generation 2+ and Generation 3 aircraft. From South Korean General Staff:

“The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that 12 North Korean military aircraft flew in a protest squadron south of the special surveillance line in the afternoon of the 6th.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said today (6th) that around 2 pm, North Korean bombers and fighter squadrons made a protest flight south of the special surveillance line.

The South Korean military responded immediately by mobilizing about 30 units, including air forces and follow-up forces that were urgently sortied.

A military official said, “It is estimated that the North Korean squadron’s flight was unusually conducted in parallel with air-to-ground shooting training.”

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “We are maintaining a firm readiness posture in case of a provocation while closely monitoring the related developments of the North Korean military under close cooperation with the US and South Korea.

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