Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Reportedly Attempts Suicide After Dismissal

According to the Polish Tabloid Fakt, Deputy Foreign Minister Wawrzyk, who was relieved on August 31st due to an extensive visa sale controversy, attempted to take his own life in his Warsaw apartment. Fakt reports that the ex- Deputy was transported to a Warsaw Hospital by emergency services and was found with “wounds to his hands”. They also claim that Wawrzyk left a farewell letter decrying the accusations against him. They also claim that he sent a text message to his cousin that he was intending on killing himself.

Biographical information and his diplomatic career can be found here.

Mainstream media has been reporting heavily over the past twenty four hours on the scandal burning through the Polish Foreign Ministry. According to Reuters: “Opposition claims that the government was complicit in a system in which migrants received visas at an accelerated pace without being properly checked after paying intermediaries could be damaging for the ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party, which has campaigned on a tough stance on immigration.”

This topic is especially important considering the hot-button issue of immigration ahead of the October 15th elections. Poland has faced an internal row over immigration since Ukrainian refugees have flooded across the shared border and other European refuges have attempted to enter through Belarus.

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