William Wiley Elementary Shooter Shoots Self, Child Rescued, Eugene, OR

As this publication has been reporting the last 48 hours, Elias Huizar shot and killed his former wife and girlfriend on April 21st, 2024. After killing the mother of his son, at William Wiley Elementary School in West Richland, WA, and kidnapping his one-year-old son, Roman Santos, he fled, prompting a massive federal manhunt.

Reports have now indicated that the suspect has shot himself after a pursuit with law enforcement on Interstate 5 near Eugene, Oregon. He was located at around 1500L on said interstate. The suspect fired at least five rounds at police before turning his firearm on himself. The child has been taken into police care and is reported to be unharmed. There are several conflicting reports on if the suspect is alive, dead, or in police custody, check back for updates.

A press conference is scheduled on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 at 1000 at the West Richland Police Department in the Noski Community Room.