Trailer | Transnistria: Russia’s Forgotten Front

WatchTrailer | Transnistria: Russia’s Forgotten Front

Transnistria: Russia’s Forgotten Front” explores a shadowy fragment of the former Soviet Union, unrecognized and stranded at the crossroads of Europe. Filmed in 2024, this documentary follows journalists Antoine Brimbal and Michael Archer as they venture into this enigmatic state, combining undercover journalism with deep personal stories from its citizens. This film highlights Transnistria’s role as a strategic yet overlooked chess piece in Russia’s geopolitical game, influencing the stability of Moldova and European security. Experience a raw and poignant look into a region grappling with its Soviet past and uncertain future, striving for recognition and a better tomorrow. Join us to peel back the layers of one of Europe’s most secluded and intriguing places.

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