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Russia Booted From U.N. Human Rights Council

The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution to formally suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council. This resolution, introduced by the United States delegation, cited "gross, systemic violations and abuses of human rights" by Russian armed forces in...

Sanders Decries “Blank Check” for Microchip Industry

Senator Sanders (D-VT) took the stand to criticize provisions of the Creating Opportunities for Manufacturing, Preeminence in Technology, and Economic Strength (COMPETES) Act of 2022, which would allocate "$53 billion in corporate welfare to the microchip industry," as well...

Biden Departs for Europe to Meet With NATO Allies

President Biden and his European counterparts will convene in Brussels on Thursday for an emergency NATO summit to coordinate on military assistance to Ukraine and impose new sanctions against Russia, according to national security adviser Jake Sullivan. "He will have...

Warnings of Consequences and Accusations of Disinformation Ahead of US-China Talks

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan and Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi met in Rome on Monday in the first high-level meeting between Chinese and US officials since President Joe Biden's virtual conference with Xi Jinping in November. During...

US Nuclear Power Industry Lobbies White House To Let Uranium Imports Continue

Sanctions upon sanctions in recent days have led to a large decrease in imports from Russia. The U.S. nuclear power industry is lobbying the White House to allow uranium imports from Russia to continue despite the escalating conflict in Ukraine, with cheap supplies of the...

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