Turkish Delegation Visits Athens for Confidence-Building Measures Talks

A Turkish delegation arrived in Athens yesterday, April 22, for the latest round of Confidence-building Measures (CBMs) between the two countries as part of the continuing diplomatic effort to sustain the momentum of Greek-Turkish rapprochement and detente across the Aegean.

The Turkish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Burak Akçapar, accompanied by Turkish Navy officers met with his Greek hosts and counterparts at the Ministry of National Defense where they were customarily greeted by Greek Defense Minister, Nikos Dendias:

Turkish Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Burak Akçapar, pictured left of centre and Greek Defense Minister, Nikos Dendias, on the right.

Despite renewed tensions over Turkish objections to Greece’s proposed maritime parks in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, both sides agreed on continuing ongoing and scheduled CBMs on a military-to-military level until 2025.

From April 16 to 19, military-to-military contacts and visits took place between the commanders of Mechanised Infantry Divisions at the Greek-Turkish land border across the Evros/Maritsa river in Thrace.

Confidence was expressed in the possibility that future contact meetings could at some point be held at a higher level between Navy and Air Force commanders.