Mach Industries Secures Sequoia’s First Defense Tech Investment

Mach Industries Secures Sequoia’s First Defense Tech Investment


According to an exclusive with Reuters, and speaking with Head of Business Innovation and Strategy, Devan Plantamura, we’ve learned that Sequoia Capital, a prominent venture capital firm, has made its first-ever defense tech investment by leading a seed round that raised $5.7 million for defense startup Mach Industries. This investment signifies Silicon Valley’s increasing interest in supporting technologies that strengthen U.S. national security and collaborating with the Department of Defense. Shaun Maguire, a partner at Sequoia who co-led the deal with Stephanie Zhan, emphasized the importance of technological advancements in defense systems, citing recent events like the war in Ukraine that highlighted the existing gaps.

The renowned U.S. venture capital firm, announced its plans to divide its Chinese and Indian/Southeast Asian businesses into two distinct entities, aiming to navigate the challenges posed by economic and geopolitical factors more effectively. The firm intends to establish separate brands for each new entity, with the split set to be completed by March 31, 2024, according to a statement released by managing partner Roelof Botha, China head Neil Shen, and India and Southeast Asia head Shailendra Singh.

Ongoing U.S. security concerns and reciprocal trade restrictions have caused many investors to exercise caution when considering opportunities in China. The Biden administration has been actively working on implementing new regulations that restrict U.S. investments in China. In response to these challenges, Sequoia has enlisted the support of a national security firm to provide guidance on mitigating potential risks, as per sources cited by Reuters.

Weiheng Chen, the head of the Greater China practice at law firm Wilson Sonsini, highlighted the benefits of the separation, stating that it would grant each regional entity greater flexibility to independently pursue investment opportunities. Additionally, the move is expected to enhance their ability to adapt to the ever-changing geopolitical landscape and meet local compliance requirements. Furthermore, the separation will help address any portfolio conflicts that may arise between the entities, allowing each to operate more independently and deploy capital more inline with their regional investment thesis.

Mach Industries, founded in 2022 by Ethan Thornton, a Thiel Fellow and MIT dropout, focuses on developing a hardware solution that utilizes hydrogen creation and combustion techniques sourced from the field. The company aims to create a weapon system that employs the chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen to generate a powerful explosion capable of fueling unmanned aerial vehicles and aerial protection devices. Mach Industries, headquartered in Austin, Texas, plans to utilize the funding to drive product development, recruit talent, and expand its facilities. Thornton mentioned the company’s ongoing collaboration with the Pentagon on research efforts and revealed plans to deploy systems within the next year.

Mach Industries’ Workshop. (pic taken from their official website)

The defense tech market is projected to reach $184.7 billion by 2027, driven by the increasing demand for innovative technologies to meet national security objectives set by the U.S. government. While Silicon Valley investors have historically exhibited reservations regarding defense technology investments due to profitability and reputational concerns, their perception has shifted due to the recognition of defense technology’s crucial role in safeguarding national security. As a result, venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Founders Fund have publicly expressed their support for defense technology startups like Anduril and Palantir.

In 2022, venture capital firms invested a staggering $34.3 billion in defense technology startups, doubling the amount invested in 2019, according to data from PitchBook. Sequoia Capital, which recently announced its focus on investing in tech startups in the U.S. and Europe after severing ties with its China and India investment franchise, intends to back founders working on broader defense applications. Maguire of Sequoia highlighted the impact of advancements in artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and space-based capabilities on the future of defense technology. A more exclusive interview with Atlas News and CEO Ethan will follow later this year.

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