Fundraising Round is Live!

Stephen Nix
Stephen Nixhttp://theatlasnews.co
Chief Executive Officer of Atlas News. Responsible for day-to-day operations and growth of the company in line with the vision of the readers and founders.

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Fundraising Round is Live!

We are excited to open our fundraising round to the public.

This marks a new day for Atlas News.

We have the absolute best audience in the world (in our eyes) and want you to be a part of our growth as we grow into a world-leading news & media company.

We have already raised $50k+
so far in the first 3 hours!

Invest In Atlas News!

We have huge goals and plans to expand the company and our content.

Full-length and series-style documentaries, award-winning journalism, and multiple podcast shows featuring or hosted by some of the most important people in the country.

As a thank you, we are giving you extra bonus shares:

8% Bonus shares for investing in the first 72hrs.

There are a ton of other perks like a full care package, investor-only calls, operational update letters, a challenge coin, and even UFC fights if you invest at Tier 7.

If you have specific questions or topics you want to bring up, please go to our campaign page and ask them on the “discussion” section. We can only answer questions there about the raise, terms, or offering.


We also have a full merch drop in the 4th tab of the app and on our Shop.

The three super-limited items we have are only available to investors in the round for Tier 3 and higher, while the other items are available to everyone.

Thanks so much for supporting us all these years and we are excited for the years to come.

Our goals are huge, and we want our followers to be shareholders.

We want to stay independent, make killer content, and grow into a world-leading news & media company.

Invest In Atlas News!