American Contractor Dies From “Cardiac Episode” During al-Assad Airbase Attack

American Contractor Dies From “Cardiac Episode” During al-Assad Airbase Attack


Pentagon Press Secretary Pat Ryder has reported that an American contractor died from a “cardiac episode” while attempting to seek shelter during yesterday’s explosive drone attack at the al-Assad Airbase in Iraq.

Ryder also attempted to distance the recent drone attacks against the al-Assad and al-Harir airbases in Iraq from being related to the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel, saying there is “no direct linkage.” He added that there were not a specific details as to who carried out the strikes. Likewise, he made no comment about the reported attacks against the al-Tanf garrison and Conoco oilfields from earlier today.

Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella organization of Iran-backed Shia militias, claimed responsibility for both attacks in a statement. The militia group Tashkil al-Warsin specifically claimed responsibility for the attack against al-Harir, saying it was part of “al-Aqsa Flood,” which is Hamas’ campaign against Israel.

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