Islamic Resistance in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Drone Attack Against Israeli Settlement in Golan Heights

Islamic Resistance in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Drone Attack Against Israeli Settlement in Golan Heights


The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella organization of Iran-backed Shia militias, has claimed responsibility for an explosive drone attack against the Israeli settlement of Eliad in Golan Heights, saying it is “in continuation of our approach in resisting the occupation, and in support of our people in Gaza, and in response to the massacres committed by the usurping entity against Palestinian civilians.”

The announcement comes as Israeli media reported that an explosive drone targeted a settlement in the Golan Heights. There have been mixed reports that the drone landed in an open field and was disarmed or that the drone detonated and damaged a building, however, it has been consistently reported that the drone is believed to have been launched from Syria.

This attack marks two firsts for the Israel-Hamas conflict:

  1. First explosive drone attack launched from Syria towards an Israeli target
  2. First time the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has targeted an Israeli target

Since October 17, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has solely targeted American military bases in Iraq and Syria in drone and rocket attacks. The attack coincides with the death of IRGC General Razi Mousavi, a key Quds Force Figure in Syria, who was killed during an Israeli airstrike in Damascus. Iran, as well as its proxies in the Axis of Resistance, have vowed revenge against Israel.

I have seen some people suggest that because this was claimed by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, the drone was launched from Iraq, but the group is also active in eastern Syria.

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