Security Footage Shows Vehicle Airborne Before Slamming into Border Crossing

Security Footage Shows Vehicle Airborne Before Slamming into Border Crossing


Security footage released by MSNBC shows that the vehicle involved in the Rainbow Bridge incident in Niagara Falls, NY, was traveling at high speeds and went airborne before slamming into a covered parking area at the border checkpoint, resulting in a loud explosion and fire.

The footage corroborates witness statements that the vehicle was seen driving in excess of 100mph down the road towards the bridge before it lost control and went airborne. While it was initially believed the vehicle was driving down Main Street, the footage suggests it was traveling down Niagara Street.

Initial reports say the two occupants of the vehicle were killed.

Fox News has also started to walk back on its previous reporting that explosives were recovered from the vehicle and that this was being classified as a terrorist attack. NBC reported that no explosives were recovered.

So far federal authorities have not released any statements about the incident. Currently, all other border crossings with Canada in western New York have been closed in an abundance of caution. Claims of a second vehicle involved appear to be unfounded.


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