French-Chadian Joint Operation Frees Kidnapped Polish Doctor

French-Chadian Joint Operation Frees Kidnapped Polish Doctor


What You Need to Know:

Aleksandra Kuligowska, a Polish doctor who was kidnapped by armed assailants last week has been freed through a joint operation conducted by French and Chadian forces. 

Kuligowska and a Mexican colleague, who had escaped before the rescue was conducted, were abducted by the assailants pretending to be patients while volunteering at Saint-Michel Catholic hospital in Chad’s Tandjile region.

Kuligowska was taken by helicopter to the nation’s capital, N’Djamena, and will soon be flown back to Poland. 

Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, Poland’s foreign minister said in a statement on X (formally known as Twitter), that “the Polish woman kidnapped in Chad is already safe and will soon return to the country. I address utmost thanks at this time to the French Defense Minister [Sébastien Lecornu] and French soldiers, thanks to whose help the Polish woman regained her freedom.”

Despite Kosiniak-Kamysz’s statement, a spokesperson for French Forces in the Sahel in a statement to AFP, made clear that Chadian forces had conducted the rescue and declined to comment on what part French forces played. 


Bianca Bridger
Bianca Bridger
Bianca Bridger is a Political Science Graduate from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Currently working as an Editor for The ModernInsurgent and writing for Atlas News, her interests include conflict politics, history, yoga and meditation.
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