Chad Government Accuses Opposition Party of Attempting to Assassinate Supreme Court President, Attacking State Security HQ

What to Know:

The Chadian transitional government has accused the oppositional Socialist Party without Borders (PSF) of attempting to assassinate the Supreme Court President during an attack against the National State Security Agency headquarters in the capital of N’Djamena. The leader of the PSF has denied any involvement in the situation, calling it “staged.”

The situation comes as Chad prepares for presidential elections in May.

What Happened:

A statement released by the Chadian government claimed that “an assassination attempt against the president of the supreme court was instigated by the finance secretary of the Socialist Party without Borders (PSF), which led to his arrest.”

“However, the situation took a dramatic turn with a deliberate attack by the accomplices of this individual, led by elements of the PSF and at their head the president of this movement, Yaya Dillo, against the premises of the National State Security Agency (ANSE), causing several deaths.”

“The situation is now completely under control thanks to the rapid and effective intervention of the defense and security forces,” the statement went on to say, adding that “The government wishes to reassure the Chadian population and invites them to go about their business normally.”

According to AFP, Dillo denounced the attack as “staged” and denied any links to what happened. He also stated that Chadian military forces surrounded the headquarters of the PSF.

Upcoming Elections:

The attack came just hours after the Chadian government announced that presidential elections would be held this May, marking the end of the transitional government that has been in power since the death of President Idriss Deby Itno in 2021 during clashes with rebel forces.

Since then, his son Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno has been in power and seeks to maintain presidentcy with the elections, which had previously been delayed. Dillo has been a vocal critic of the government and Mahamat, who is his cousin.

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