Ukraine Loses Three Abrams in 10 Days Amid Fighting Near Avdiivka

Since February 26, Ukraine has lost at least three Abrams M1A1 Main Battle Tanks (MBT), as well as a notably rare M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV), which is based on the M1 chassis and meant for mine clearing operations. These losses have been centralized near the town of Berdychi along the Avdiivka frontline.

The United States had originally supplied Ukraine with 31 Abrams MBTs, meaning that at least ~10 percent has been lost to combat. The number of M1150 ABVs supplied by the U.S. remains unknown as it was not specified amongst military aid shipments.

The first Abrams loss was observed (Geo: 48.1925, 37.6589) on February 26 as a result of an explosive drone attack to the rear of its turret, resulting in a cook-off of ammunition as evident by the activation of blow out panels. The fate of the crew remains unclear.

The second Abrams loss (Geo: 48.1912, 37.6541) was observed on March 3, which appears to have either hit a mine to was subject to a AGTM attack that knocked out its left track. The crew then abandoned the tank, as evident by open hatches. The tank was later targeted by Russian explosive drone attacks.

At this time, the loss of the M1150 ABV was also observed nearby (Geo: 48.19259, 37.6563). The exact cause of the loss and fate of the crew is unclear.

The third Abrams loss was observed (Geo: 48.1958, 37.6620) on March 5, which was caused by a multiple AGTM strikes, disabling the vehicle. Likewise, the fate of the crew is unclear.

Map of loss locations.

Fighting has picked up near Berdychi following the capture of Avdiivka by Russian forces on February 17 after months of heavy fighting. Russian forces continue to try to push west and northwest towards Ukrainian defensive lines.

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