Russian Forces Launch Cross Border Operations Against Kharkiv

Russian forces have launched an early morning assault against the Kharkiv Oblast, which saw primary incursions over the border into the villages of Pylna, Strilecha, and Borysivka, along with reports of incursions in the area of Pletenivka near the city of Vovchansk.

In a statement, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said that “these attacks have been repelled; battles of varying intensity continue,” adding that “Reserve units have been deployed to strengthen the defense in this area of the front. The Defense Forces of Ukraine continue to hold back the enemy’s offensive.”

So far, there has not been any official statements by Russia on the situation.

The extent of the operation, as well as its tactical objectives, remain unclear, however, this does not appear to be part of a larger, immediate offensive campaign at this time.

One Ukrainian military source claimed to AFP that Russian forces are attempting to create a buffer zone along the border to prevent attacks into Russian territory. Russian milbloggers have described the assault as “reconnaissance,” which could be setting the stage for combat operations to support an upcoming Russian offensive in the Kupyansk direction.

While cross border raids and attacks between Ukraine and Russia have been commonplace, this latest operation potentially marks the largest ground assault against the area since Russian forces were pushed out of Kharkiv following the Fall 2022 counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces.

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