Vatican Investigation Finds “No Evidence” of Sexual Abuse by Canadian Priest

An internal investigation by the Vatican concluded that there was “no evidence” that a Canadian Cardinal sexually abused a minor, noting that the religious organization would take “no further canonical procedure” regarding the case.

An Internal Investigation

The accusation originates in a class action law suit against 88 Catholic priests, with Cardinal and Archbishop of Quebec Gerald Lacroix, the archbishop of Quebec and a member of the Council of Cardinals, which advises His Holiness Pope Francis, having been accused of abusing a 17-year-old girl between the years of 1978 and 1979.

Following the accusation, the Vatican launched an investigation by employing a former judge by the name of André Denis. Despite the Vatican concluding the investigation, Denis stated that his investigation remains incomplete, largely due to the victim refusing to cooperate with the retired judge.

“I am unable to say whether or not the alleged act took place,” Denis stated following his investigation. “I’m even unable to identify a place, an event, a precise date, or any other circumstance. The plaintiff’s refusal to cooperate in any way with my investigation has left me at a loss.”

Despite this refusal, Denis stood by his investigation, which defended Lacroix. The retired judge stated that the information gathered cast doubt on the claim on the claim that Lacroix abused the young woman. “The elements gathered during the investigation make it implausible that the events associated with the cardinal occurred,” Denis told the press.

Lacroix denied the allegations, stating that he had never abused or mistreated anyone, regardless if they were “minors or adults.” Despite the investigation by the Vatican casting doubt on the claims of the alleged victim, Lacroix maintains his earlier policy of separating himself from the work of the Archdiocese, a policy he began in 2022 when the allegations were made.

It is important to note that this investigation has no authoritative stance against the lawsuit against the Church, as it was an internal investigation launched by the Vatican in order to take proper measures to punish or remove priests from their positions. This means that while Lacroix has been cleared so far in the eyes of the Church, the legal case against the cardinal is likely to persist.

Trent Barr
Trent Barr
Trent Barr is an Intelligence Analyst for Atlas News. He has years of experience and is trained in open source intelligence gathering. Trent Barr specializes in Latin American, German, and Vatican affairs while also holding an interest in Europe as a whole.


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