Gavin Newsom Not Running in 2024: Politico

Gavin Newsom Not Running in 2024: Politico


In a new Politico interview, California Governor Gavin Newsom stated he will not run for President in 2024, even if President Biden were to sit out the race. If Biden were to sit out, Newsom was seen as a potential candidate for the Democratic Nomination. However, when asked during the interview what he told the White House, Newsom stated he said “I’m all in, count me in.”

Biden called Newsom on his victory within earshot of the Politico writer and was heard saying to the President: “I’m all in; put me in coach” and that “we have your back.”

This is a major political shake-up because of Newsom’s many political movements to indicate a 2024 run. Such actions include him making political advertisements that directly attack Florida Governor Ron Desantis, a potential 2024 Republican. He then aired those advertisements in not just California but in other states, as a possible introduction of himself on the national stage.

Before the Midterms, he criticized fellow Democrats for poor political messaging about the economy and the dangers of a Republican takeover of Congress.

Alexander Korfiatis
Alexander Korfiatis
Saint Louis University Undergraduate Class of 2025. Studying Medical Sciences on the path to become an anesthesiologist assistant. Highly motivated to write about politics, particularly domestic.
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