Fidelity National Financial Possible ALPHV Incursion

Fidelity National Financial Possible ALPHV Incursion


ALPHV Group Released today November 22nd 2023; a possible successful Cyber incursion on Fidelity National Financial ( a Fortune 500 company). Introing with an attack on the Cybersecurity Firm Mandiant a subsidiary of Google tasked with helping protect FNF’s internal/external networks from security threats.

ALPHV Group stating the following: “Hiring Mandiant has the following effects. You end up ruined. They had a good reputation ten years ago. Everyone is aware that they fell, so let’s just be kind to them now. We expect a blog post in retaliation, don’t stub your fingers, warriors.”

Then further going onto explain that they know how Fidelity National Financial is handling things, including the FNF IT team/Mandiant’s decision to sit still and do nothing as ALPHV wreaks havoc on the systems affected. Going as far as to claim knowing Mandiant/ the FNF IT team at Fidelity’s direct actions at 3am on the day of the incident; “30 people in teams call at 3 am America time and still lost.” as quoted by ALPHV’s blog.

ALPHV stated that before they disclose whether or not information has been stolen/obtained, they’re allowing Fidelity National Financial to reach out. Including the following statements to mock the company: “I implore FNF investors to talk some reason into these executives who are gullible enough to fall for Mandiant’s disinformation.” As well as: “Better threat intelligence may be obtained from my deceased mother than from Kevin Mandia’s (sellout) firm (Mandiant)”.

In response to this data breach approximately 10 hours ago at 08:00 GMT they shut down many of their online services. The only public statement that has been made was a security report stating FNF’s awareness to the incident. Other than this no public statement from Fidelity National Financial has been made at this time in regards to the incident or if ALPHV Group has been recognized as involved.

Anthony J Daw
Anthony J Daw
Cybersecurity Specialist, enthusiast of Python 3 & SQL, Hater of Windows PowerShell. Here to write to you about the wonderful world of Cybercrime, Espionage, and Cyberwarfare.
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