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Cybersecurity Specialist, Canadian Armed Forces Infanteer, enthusiast of Python 3 & SQL, Hater of Windows PowerShell. Here to write to you about the wonderful world of Cybercrime, Espionage, and Cyberwarfare.



Fidelity National Financial Possible ALPHV Incursion

ALPHV Group Released today November 22nd 2023; a possible successful Cyber incursion on Fidelity National Financial ( a Fortune 500 company). Introing with an attack on the Cybersecurity Firm Mandiant a subsidiary of Google tasked with helping protect FNF's...

Long Beach Public Systems Network Security Incident

Today released in a special meeting held by the City of Long Beach was information where public systems became the target of a cybersecurity incident. Today Nov 17, 2023, Long Beach City Council approved with an 8-0 vote a...

LOCKBIT 3.0 APT holds Boeing information for ransom

What Happened As of Oct 27 2023, 17:27 UTC, Lockbit 3.0 an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) has released that they have broken into Boeing's data servers, and stolen a tremendous amount of sensitive information. They have given until November 2nd...

Citrix NetScaler, proof sometimes even a patch isn’t enough.

Citrix NetScaler from within has a critical security vulnerability, which had been patched last week but has been active since late August 2023. Referred to as CVE-2023-4966, with a CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) score of 9.4.May not be...

The not so new threat of QR Codes/Quishing

Cybersecurity awareness month additional topic Many organizations for over 20 years have been dealing with phishing attempts via email. They need to find the balance between allowing emails from the workplace and business. While preventing these unwanted attempts to access... Ransomware Group Alleges False Attack

The Occurrence:  At approximately 14:35 GMT on Oct 13th of 2023, There was a alleged data breach, ransomware group that had claimed they had to taken full control of systems of the Colonial Pipeline in the US. This notification...

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