Fire at Russian Air and Space Development Facility Kills 6

Fire at Russian Air and Space Development Facility Kills 6


At least six people are dead and over two dozen others were injured after a fire broke out at the Russian Research Institute of Aerospace Defense in Tver. The facility has been a critical asset in the designing and development of Russian air and space defense systems, such as the 9K720 Iskander and S-400 missile systems, as well as navigation and stealth components of Su-27 fighters and Tu-160 strategic bombers.

While an exact cause of the fire has not been determined, Russian media, citing fire officials, suggested that faulty electrical wiring started the blaze, which spread due to a lack of fire suppression systems. The fire quickly spread across the second floor, forcing some people to jump out of windows to get to safety. Russia has a poor fire safety record due to a general lack of updated fire suppression systems and safety inspections of buildings.

Out of all media outlets, the Gainesville Sun, a local Florida newspaper, has a very good article going over fire safety in Russia. Russia have some of the highest death rates due to fires in Europe and it’s caused by various factors. As I mentioned above, outdated or lack thereof of fire suppression systems is a major reason, but a higher population of smokers, inferior building materials, and bribing of safety inspectors also play roles in the frequency of deadly fires.

And as always you will have people claiming this was sabotage.

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