GRAPHIC: Taliban Suffer Losses, Executes ANRF Prisoners in Panjshir

GRAPHIC: Taliban Suffer Losses, Executes ANRF Prisoners in Panjshir


At approximately 0954 on 10SEP22, The Taliban launched a campaign to degrade and destroy ANRF capability in the Dara District of Panjshir, a region dominated by the iconic valley landscape. After two hours, 30 Taliban militants were reported killed with an unclear number of ANRF fighters killed.

By 11SEP22, the ANRF claimed to have killed 45 Taliban militants including 4 members of the Omari Taliban Special Forces Unit. That same day they also claimed that they had thwarted an ambush in the Khosar area of Paryan, Panjshir. After nearly 36 hours of seemingly heavy losses, reports emerged of the Taliban retaliating against civilians in the valley by lightning settlements on fire.

The ANRF then claimed to have captured 10 Taliban militants on 12SEP22 in the Abdallahkhel Valley and injured Interim Afghan Deputy Defense Minister and Panjshir Commander Zakir who was reportedly leading the attack. Several pro-ANRF seized on these claims and reported Zakir’s death, but no official account has been given by the Taliban.


Instead they responded by claiming the killed ANRF Commander Mohammad Yar, whom the ANRF claimed was executed by the Taliban. The ANRF then counterclaimed they killed Mullah Saber Kochi and four of his men in Hesarak.

However, about 12 hours ago reports began emerging of Taliban executions of ANRF fighters in Rukha, Panjshir. While unconfirmed at this time, this video reportedly shows the execution of 8 of their fighters, a Taliban claim that ANRF Commander Malik Khan has called false propaganda. Among these eight captured men, the Taliban claim to have captured a “French spy”, who has been returned to Kabul for questioning.

Overall the Taliban claimed to have killed 40, including three commanders, and captured 101 ANRF fighters. The ANRF claimed to have killed 73 Taliban fighters injured 61, and lost 11 of their own fighters.








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