Army of Justice Claims Responsibility for Attack Against IRGC Following Iran Strikes

Army of Justice Claims Responsibility for Attack Against IRGC Following Iran Strikes


What to Know:

Jaish ul-Adl (Army of Justice) has claimed responsibility for an attack against Iranian forces in the border province of Sistan and Balochistan, which resulted in the death of an IRGC colonel.

The Attack:

While details remain scare, at least on IRGC officer, identified as Colonel Javadan Far, was killed during clashes with the Army of Justice in Iran’s border region with Pakistan. There are unconfirmed reports of additional IRGC casualties from the attack.

The Context:

The Army of Justice vowed retaliation against Iran following strikes in Pakistan targeting the homes of two fighters on Monday.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry reported that two children were killed and condemned the attack as a “blatant violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty,” further adding that official lines of communication were not utilized before the strikes.

“Pakistan has always said terrorism is a common threat to all countries in the region that requires coordinated action. Such unilateral acts are not in conformity with good neighborly relations and can seriously undermine bilateral trust and confidence,” the Ministry added.

Following the strikes, the Army of Justice released a statement saying that it will “strengthen the determination of the proud Mujahideen of the Jaish ul-Adl to overthrow your palace of oppression.”

Who is the Army of Justice:

The Army of Justice is a Salafi extremist, Baloch-nationalist seperatist group that operates in the border region between Iran and Pakistan, which emerged as a splinter group from the People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI) in 2012 following the execution of its leader by Iran.

The Army of Justice opposes Iran and its government, which it views oppressive and discriminatory against Sunni Muslims, and frequently targets Iranian military forces in the Sistan and Balochestan Province. The group’s most notable attack occurred in February 2019 when a suicide bombing targeting a bus killed over two dozen IRGC members in the border region. Since then, Iran has accused Pakistan of being a safe haven for the group.

Iran’s strike follows an attack by the group against a police station in Rask last month, which left 11 security force members dead and several others wounded.

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