More Protesting in Beijing

Over the past sixteen hours, there have been even more protests in Beijing. These ones in particular are being organized by local university students.

If you have been following our coverage, you will know that numerous protests have swept across China in the past week.

The most recent student-led demonstration ended in the past hour, peacefully. In comparison to what we have been seeing with the other protests and riots, this one was fairly calm.


The students at these protests reportedly sang the Chinese national anthem as they attracted many onlookers. They also chanted, “Democracy, rule of law, and freedom of expression.” The protesters have also been pinning up posters with slogans on them.


A Chinese security guard takes down a poster.

Altogether, these protests are gaining traction and are continuing to spread across China. It will be very interesting to see how far this all goes. A factor that I consider a major indication that the protests will continue is the type of people attending them. They are from different parts of society. We have seen demonstrators who are factory workers, university students and average everyday people.

The motivation to protest is widespread and that is really significant since dissidence is a dangerous thing to voice publicly in China.

For those who would like some back story on these protests, check out my article from a few days back that details the riots at the Foxconn factory.

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