45 Bags of Human Remains Found in Mexico Amid Search for Missing Workers

A horrific discovery was made by police in the suburbs of the western city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

On June 1, in Mirador del Bosque, 45 bags of human remains were uncovered as part of the ongoing search for seven call center workers who have been reported missing.

Officials from the Jalisco state prosecutor’s office stated that it is not yet confirmed whether the remains belong to the missing individuals, noting that both male and female victims are included in the discovered remains.

During the course of their investigation, law enforcement obtained information leading them to a 40-meter ravine where numerous bags were discovered containing “anatomical segments”.

The search operation in the Mirador Escondido neighborhood commenced yesterday afternoon with the finding of a black plastic bag containing human remains.

However, due to the challenging nature of the area and dwindling natural light, the search procedure was resumed on Wednesday and will persist in the upcoming days until all bags have been located and retrieved.

In the extraction of these bags, local law enforcement collaborated with the civil protection forces and firefighters of Zapopan city.

This finding comes a year after the Interior Ministry declared in May that over 100,000 individuals are reported missing in the country.

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
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