Maui Wildfires Death Toll Climbs to 101: Update On Situation

What You Need To Know:

The death toll in the Maui wildfires has surged to 101, according to Hawaii’s Governor, Josh Green, who provided an update on Tuesday. The number marks a rise from the previous day’s count of 99, highlighting the severity of the ongoing blaze that has swept through parts of the island.

Authorities have only managed to identify four of the deceased so far. Names will be disclosed once families have been notified, as outlined by Maui County officials on Tuesday.

The Details:

Search teams have covered around 32% of the affected area. With a significant portion still to be combed through, Governor Green has warned that the death toll could rise even further.

Maui’s Chief of Police, John Pelletier, aims for search coverage of 85% to 90% by the upcoming weekend, reflecting the intense efforts being undertaken.

This wave of wildfires has become the deadliest in the US in more than a century, as declared by the National Fire Protection Association.

Injuries from the fires have led to nine individuals being admitted to Honolulu’s specialized burn unit, situated at the Straub Medical Center, serving as a crucial hub for medical care.

The fires have ravaged over 2,200 structures, with residential properties accounting for about 86% of the damage.

Hawaiian Electric has made significant progress, restoring power to approximately 80% of its Maui customers. Power has also returned to schools and county facilities in certain areas of Lahaina, with a focus on essential public services and support for first responders.


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