189 Decomposing Bodies Discovered in Colorado Funeral Home

What You Need To Know:

Authorities uncovered a staggering 189 decaying bodies at the Return to Nature Funeral Home in Penrose, Colorado.

Responding to reports of a stench coming from the dilapidated building, Fremont Sheriff Allen Cooper described the scene as “horrific.”

The Details:

The finding of these bodies unfolded amidst financial turmoil for the funeral home in question.

Mainly, neglected tax payments, eviction notices, and legal battles over unpaid bills.

Last week, an FBI team, well-versed in mass casualty events, joined efforts to identify the remains.

The funeral home’s unconventional practices – offering cremations and ‘green’ burials without embalming fluids – added complexity to an already gruesome task.

While ‘green’ burials are legal in Colorado, state law mandates that any body not buried within 24 hours must be properly refrigerated.

Over 120 families, are concerned that their loved ones might be among the bodies.

County Coroner Leon Kelly explained that the identification process could stretch over weeks.

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