NY Governor Says “No Indication” of Terrorism in Rainbow Bridge Car Incident

NY Governor Says “No Indication” of Terrorism in Rainbow Bridge Car Incident


New York Governor Kathy Hochul has reported that there is “no indication” of terrorism in the incident involving a car at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing in Niagara Falls, calling it a “horrific accident.”

Both security camera and witness statements indicated that the vehicle was driving in excess of 100 mph before it lost control, hit a median, and went airborne into a CBP secondary screening area by the bridge.

Local media also reported that the vehicle left a nearby 7-11 and started driving down Niagara Street towards the bridge in an erratic manner.

Fox News has walked back on previous claims that the vehicle contained explosives.

The identity of the occupants, as well as the reasoning behind the crash, remains unknown at this time.

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