Clashes Ongoing After 13 Hours Between Iranian Security Forces and JAA After Attacks

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As this publication reported last night, at approximately 1712 EST on April 3rd, 2024, Jaysh Al-Adl (JAA) claimed that it had launched simultaneous attacks in Southern Balochistan, Iran against two bases in Rask and Chah Bahar. After more than 13 hours, the fighting is still ongoing amidst atrocities between both groups as civilians have been caught in the crossfire.

By 2100 EST, the Deputy Iranian Interior Minister for Security announced that JAA had infiltrated the IRGC Naval Headquarters in Chah Bahar, Sistan and Balochistan Province. This was the first official acknowledgment of the depth of the attack in Chah Bahar as most of the reporting since 1700 EST focused on the IRGC base near Rask. By 2200 EST, the Deputy Minister confirmed that only the two bases in Rask and Chah Bahar were attacked, despite previous reporting that a base in Sarbaz was under siege.

JAA Takes Hostages After Failure to Hold Ground

By 2200 EST, the situation in Rask had developed into a hostage situation as Iranian security forces claimed that multiple civilians had been taken hostage in residential buildings after they broke off the attack on the Rask base. By 0130 EST, both Iranian and JAA sources confirmed that the hostages had been released. It was at this point that the IRGC began to confirm its casualty lists.

Disputed Casualty Numbers

Initially, Deputy Iranian Interior Minister for Security Mir-Ahamadi claimed that five IRGC security personnel were killed, and 10 others were injured. He also confirmed that JAA militants had detonated suicide vests at both bases when the attack initiated. However, JAA immediately replied that their forces had killed 200 Iranian government security forces and that the low number given by the Iranian government was “ridiculous.” The below posts from pro-Iranian media outline some of the IRGC personnel reported killed in the attacks. The highest ranking officer reported killed was Senior Border Guards officer Javad Jahan Begi.

As of this publication the IRGC is reporting that 18 JAA militants have been killed and has increased its own casualty numbers to 11 killed, including seven officers. Road closures have been enforced in both Rask and Chah Bahar as rocket fire and small arms fire is still ongoing in both locations.

The only foreign government to comment on the ongoing situation has been the Paksitani Foreign Ministry which condemns the attack by JAA and vows increased counter-terrorism cooperation with Iran.