Mexican Police Officer Killed During Attempted Lynching

A police officer in Zacatelco, located in Mexico’s Tlaxcala State, was killed while attempting to break up a lynching of two men who have been accused of killing a taxi driver on Monday.

An Attempt to Restore Order:

Officers responded to a mob of individuals who had attacked the two accused men who reportedly attempted to rob the elderly taxi driver, killing him when he resisted. When officers attempted to break up the mob, those participating in the lynching turned on the authorities, severely beating responders, which left four others in the hospital, two of whom are still recovering from critical injuries sustained in the attack.

Two of the officers is still in recovery, the director of the Investigative Police of the Attorney General’s Office, is in critical condition, while the other is now stable.

Those who attempted the lynching witnessed the crime and rushed to the aid of the taxi driver. Locals managed to capture two of the four thought to be responsible for the killing and began to beat them at the scene of the crime.

Members of Tlaxcala’s State Security Council declared an emergency meeting following the outbreak of violence in Zacatelco. (Photo – SEGOB Tlaxcala/Facebook)

The murdered officer was reportedly held by the mob for several hours before being released to the authorities. The officer later died while obtaining medical treatment in the hospital.

Other officers responding to the lynching were forced to retreat, with one officer having to hide in a nearby home where the residents treated his injuries. Following the retreat, officers requested backup from other cities’ police units, who then deployed tear gas and discharged firearms in order to disperse the crowd.

Before the crowd was dispersed, however, residents summoned more locals with the use of church bells, with their numbers growing to hundreds. Locals reportedly threatened journalists and onlookers attempting to take videos or photos, claiming that if photos were taken, they would lynch those responsible.

The unrest lasted for approximately four hours before order was restored while the two men attacked by locals were recovered.

A Series of Lynchings:

Lynchings are not at all uncommon in Mexico, where the security situation for many civilians remains dire amid violence perpetuated by cartels and common criminals, which residents claim remains unpunished.

Authorities in Tlaxcala have reported 23 attempted lynchings between January and September of 2023, the highest rate in all of Mexico.

A similar case occurred in Taxco, Guerrero, where a mob lynched a woman and two men who were accused of murdering an eight-year-old girl by the name of Camila. Police responding to this attack remained powerless as the mob beat those accused, which would lead to the death of Ana Rosa Díaz Aguilar, the woman accused of the murder.

Locals of Zacatelco expressed their discontent with the lack of security within the city and the possibility of becoming victims of violent crimes at any time of the day. They further blamed the mayor of Zacatelco, Hildeberto Pérez Álvarez, claiming the mayor was unable to guarantee the residents’ security.


Mob justice proves to be a common occurrence in Mexico, as authorities either lack the resources or refuse to crackdown on criminals due to widespread corruption and fears of repercussions by the various cartels active in the country.

These attacks are expected to continue in Mexico as authorities struggle to resolve the security situation, which has been present in the country for decades.

Trent Barr
Trent Barr
Trent Barr is an Intelligence Analyst for Atlas News. He has over ten years of experience and is trained in open source intelligence gathering. Trent Barr specializes in Latin American, German, and Vatican affairs while also holding an interest in Europe as a whole.


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