Senior YPG Commander Killed in Northern Syria as Turkey Continues Cross-Border Operations

Senior YPG Commander Killed in Northern Syria as Turkey Continues Cross-Border Operations


His killing follows a series of targeted assassinations against high-level Kurdish commanders of the YPG, amongst which the killing of the YPG’s commander in Syria’s Kurdish-majority city of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab) in a drone strike executed by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) has been the most notable.

Reports by Turkish state media suggest that Turkish forces neutralised “3 PKK/YPG terrorists” in northern Syria, while an additional 16 PKK members were targeted in northern Iraq as part of continuing airstrikes since October 2023 in northern Iraq’s regions of Metina, Gara, Hakurk, Qandil and Asos.

“Our heroic Turkish Armed Forces continue their operations against PKK / YPG terrorists in the north of Syria. 3 PKK / YPG terrorists, who were preparing for an attack in the Euphrates Shield region, were neutralized by Mehmetçik.” – Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense.

The air campaign came in response to a suicide bombing attack against Turkey’s Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ankara on October 1, 2023, for which the PKK claimed responsibility.

Konstantinos K
Konstantinos K
Konstantinos is postgraduate student, researcher and founder of Polity21. He writes primarily on Greek-Turkish relations, conflict and power politics in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. Academic and journalistic interests also include among others Astropolitics, Remote Warfare and U.S. Grand Strategy.
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