Milei to Attend Llao Llao Forum

Javier Milei, the President of Argentina, is set to attend Argentina’s annual Llao Llao economic forum on Friday, an event that draws in dozens of Argentine business leaders across the country in order to discuss national economics, business opportunities, and even geopolitics.

The Expected Visit:

Milei is reportedly expected to arrive at the forum on Friday, the last day of the three-day-long economic forum, in order to give a speech and bring an end to the event.

But this isn’t the first time Milei has attended. Last year, Milei made headlines after the then-candidate touted his controversial “Chainsaw Plan,” a plan to enact broad slashes on the government’s budget in an attempt to reverse the dire health of the Argentine economy in what Milei claims to be the fault of a “political caste.”

Javier Milei would often use a chainsaw to demonstrate the then-candidate’s economic plan. (Photo – Tomas Cuesta/Getty Images)

However, this year’s planned visit has been met with backlash by Argentina’s public sector workers’ union, ATE. The ATE threatened to block routes to the annual economic meeting in protest of Milei’s attendance. The group’s spokesman, Rodolfo Aguiar, stated that the protest was in order to address the Milei government’s recent firing of 15 thousand service workers as a part of the President’s previously mentioned “Chainsaw Plan.”

Aguiar continued in his statement, alleging that Milei’s government seeks the “delivery of Patagonia (a region consisting of the southern tip of South America) to foreign powers,” before claiming in a later statement that “we are facing a program to colonize Argentina, and Javier Milei is in charge of executing it.”

However, Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich warned the union that any protest should not impede traffic, stressing that “the streets are for the citizens. Demonstrations take place on the sidewalks.”

The agenda of this year’s meeting reportedly focuses on the impact of global events such as the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war and the recent increase in tension in the Middle East. While these subjects are sure to take a leading role in discussions, the Llao Llao forum has historically been a time for businessmen to grow their connections rather than focus on geopolitical order.

What is the Llao Llao Forum?

The Llao Llao Forum has been a meeting of some of the most influential and powerful business tycoons in Argentina from a number of industries ranging from technology to traditional production. The meeting is largely used in order for these businessmen to gain connections, with the possibility of turning these newfound connections into business opportunities.

On average, Llao Llao brings between 70 and 100 businessmen every year, with many guests being regular visitors to the forum. The forum also provides guests with the opportunity to discuss business in a neutral and confidential space, with the venue practicing a strict protocol in order to protect those in attendance.

The forum’s venue, Llao Llao, is situated on the Andes Mountains and is a member of the exclusive “Leading Hotels of the World” organization. (Photo – Llao Llao Website)

The forum was created in order to foster ties between business leaders, the public sector, and government officials in order to provide cohesion and understanding between the various individuals and their holdings.

“We have found that the meeting and dialogue model is the most effective for generating social impact. From the experience of the forum, initiatives such as Potencia Argentina, the Argentina Debate, the Argentines for Education Observatory, and many other projects of proactive transformation for our country have emerged,” Eduardo Elsztain, promoter of the forum, said in a statement.


Milei’s visit will likely be in an effort to sway those in attendance and put aside fears regarding the economic situation within Argentina. At the same time, Milei will likely use the forum to tout his controversial economic policies which may help the President gain further clout among his supporters and onlookers.

Trent Barr
Trent Barr
Trent Barr is an Intelligence Analyst for Atlas News. He has over ten years of experience and is trained in open source intelligence gathering. Trent Barr specializes in Latin American, German, and Vatican affairs while also holding an interest in Europe as a whole.


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