U.S. Army Moves Out from Narvik, Norway to Rovajarvi, Finland

Exercise Immediate Response is underway in the Nordic countries. On April 25th, 2024, the U.S. Army sent more than 200 vehicles and 300 containers to Narvik, Norway for the exercise which is being held across multiple countries in Northern Europe from April 21st to May 31st. This is the first iteration of the exercise in which Finland is a part of NATO, greatly expanding the breath and width of operations on Russia’s border.

Practicing High North Road Marches

This morning, those troops and supplies moved to Rovajarvi, Finland as part of the ground phase of the exercise. This transit is over a 900km section which will introduce the U.S. Army to travelling through the Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish Hight North. Rovajärvi is the main artillery practice range of the Finnish Army. At 1,110 square kilometers (430 sq mi) area, it is the largest practice range of the Finnish Defense Forces, and the largest such range in western Europe.

Maj. Gen. Greg Anderson, commanding general of 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) made this statement on the U.S. Army portal:

“The 10th Mountain Division’s storied past shares a proud connection with the Finnish Army and this region…We are eager and excited to be able to train with and learn from our Nordic Allies, including NATO’s two newest members, and look forward to developing joint and combined warfighting excellence and capabilities both today and in the years to come.”

These comments were reinforced by comments made by Lt. Gen. Pasi Välimäki, commander of the Finnish Army who said:

“It’s a valuable training opportunity to be able to connect Immediate Response to the Finnish Army’s national Northern Forest 24 exercise. A successful logistical operation through Norway and Sweden as well as host nation support in northern Finland supported by the Finnish Defense Forces’ Logistics Command is proof of our collective ability to receive transatlantic reinforcement of allied troops and the ability of NATO to project land power anytime, anywhere…Training and operating together with our allies in our national exercises develops our interoperability and promotes peace and security in the High North. Furthermore, having 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, deploying to Finland is a logical next step in developing a relationship with 10th Mountain Division. This exercise further develops our combined warfighting capabilities in the North.”


Immediate Response 24 if one of the sub-exercises within Steadfast Defender which simulates NATO responding to a military crisis. Immediate Response 24 simulates NATO forces moving East through the Northern flank of the alliance so that partners, especially the U.S. can train on how they will mobilize and get from assembly areas and garrisons to combat areas.

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