Wichita, KS Assailed by Cyber Attacks as Air Force Planes Flee Severe Weather

Ransomware Attack Announcement

At approximately 0500 EST, the City of Wichita, Kansas announced that a ransomware attack had caused the shutdown of some systems as IT administrators scrambled to limit the spread of malware. The announcement reads below:

“On May 5, 2024, certain City systems were encrypted by malware. In response, some computer network and systems were shut down to prevent the spread of the malware. Certain services may be temporarily unavailable while systems are offline. The City is enabling business continuity measures, where appropriate, to minimize disruption and is working with third-party specialists to safely and securely restore the computer network.”

Impacts So Far

The city has confirmed that online payment systems for water bills, court citations and tickets have been degraded and shut down. No timeline has been given for the restoration of services nor has any group claimed responsibility. However, this development comes at a critical time for the city as nearby McConnell Air Force Base is evacuating its fleet of KC-135R Stratotanker and KC-46A Pegasus aircraft due to impending storms and possible tornadoes. That announcement reads below:

“As such, the base’s KC-135R Stratotanker and KC-46A Pegasus aircraft are being relocated to other military bases outside the local area to protect the aircraft from potential damage, and preserve mission capability for McConnell Air Force Base to provide Air Refueling, Airlift and Aeromedical Evacuation worldwide.”

If this ransomware attack spreads to more critical services such as first responders, utilities, or emergency action bodies, the city could face drastic consequences during a natural disaster.

This is developing.

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