American Arrested in Moscow

Second American Arrested in Twenty-Four Hours

As this publication reported yesterday, a United States Army soldier was arrested in Vladivostok after flying to Russia to visit a romantic partner. However, as of 0500 EST this morning, reports have emerged of a second U.S. citizen being arrested in Moscow.

The initial report from RIA Novosti reads below:

“A court in Moscow arrested US citizen Russell William for ten days for petty hooliganism. The Ren TV channel reported that the American got drunk, climbed through the window into the children’s library and fell asleep there.”

Significant Jailtime if Russian Prosecutors Pursue Political Charges

According to REN TV, Mr. Nycum went to a bar with his friend while visiting the Russian Federation as a tourist. After getting into an argument with his friend, he left the bar, broke a window and then went to sleep in a library.

Prosecutors are mulling charging Mr. Nycum with vandalism charges under Article 214 of the Criminal Code. According to Article 214, vandalism can carry a large monetary fine up to 40k RUB and arrest for a term of three months. However, if vandalism is charged under political auspices, then one can be jailed for up to three years.

It is important to note that one can be charged under Article 167 for Willful Destruction or Damage of Property. This charge can carry a jail term of up to two years and five years if explosives were used. While Russian media has already reported prosecutors are mulling Article 214 charges, the 167 section cannot be ruled out either.

Considering the collapse of U.S.-Russian relations and the treatment of other U.S. persons (Whalen, Griner and others), Mr. Nycum’s prospects are not hopeful.

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