Thousands of Political Activists Arrested Ahead of Protest in Bangladesh

Thousands of Political Activists Arrested Ahead of Protest in Bangladesh


On Wednesday, police killed one and wounded more than 60 people in the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka. This occurred when the police opened fire on activists and members of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party who were protesting in front of their party headquarters.

According to local media, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party is the largest opposition party in Bangladesh. The group is planning a large political protest set to take place this Saturday.

In response to this upcoming protest, police arrested more than 1,300 BNP activists this past Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, 300 BNP party leaders and activists were also arrested.

Despite these arrests, BNP leaders and political observers are expecting at least 1 million people to attend the protest on Saturday. According to BNP activists, supporters are coming from all corners of Bangladesh to join.

Since September, police have killed seven BNP activists at protests and political rallies.

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The Filthy American
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