Satellite Imagery Shows Russian Berevestnik Nuclear Powered Cruise Missile

Satellite Imagery Shows Russian Berevestnik Nuclear Powered Cruise Missile


Recently exploited commercial satellite imagery shows what bloggers are calling the Berevestnik Nuclear Powered Cruise Missile at a test facility in Pankovo, Yuzhny Island, Russia. The imagery, which has been the 5th successful high resolution shot of the testing facility since the Spring of ‘22, shows what appears to be the missile, and preparations for testing.

The last image is the most significant in that it once again confirms the presence of the missile and the retractable shelter roof which is most likely where the test will take place. This imagery compared with Defense Update’s photo of the missile canister confirms the presence of the Burevestnik.

The 9M730 Burevestnik (NATO reporting name: SSC-X-9 Skyfall) is a Russian experimental nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed cruise missile under development for the Russian Armed Forces. The missile has an essentially unlimited range. (wiki)

The development of the missile was announced in 2018, along with five other strategic weapons systems by President Putin. Since then, the Skyfall has caused a stir with a dramatic radiation release incident  associated with the recovery of a missile from the Barents Sea Bed in 2019. However, much debate has circulated concerning the incident in that some believe the Russian Federation could not have fielded the weapons for testing so quickly after the announcement.

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