Analyze Educate: Episode 52

Atlas News is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the incredibly talented Brodie Kirkpatrick and his widely acclaimed podcast, Analyze. Educate.


Brodie has meticulously crafted a year’s worth of captivating episodes that delve deep into the heart of critical issues and subjects. We at Atlas News+ have been ardent admirers of his work and are truly honored to bring this exceptional podcast under our platform’s banner.

By joining forces with Brodie, we are not only enriching our content library but also reinforcing our commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity and promoting meaningful discussions on the most pressing matters of our time.

Through “Analyze Educate,” listeners can expect an unparalleled experience, exploring topics from various angles and uncovering insightful perspectives. Brodie’s articulate approach to exploring complex subjects aligns seamlessly with our vision of empowering our audience with knowledge and understanding.

As part of our commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience to our valued subscribers, Atlas News is excited to offer exclusive benefits, including early access to each episode of “Analyze Educate” a day before the public release, along with bonus episodes and extra content, ensuring that our subscribers are at the forefront of knowledge and engagement.

Welcome aboard, Brodie Kirkpatrick, and welcome all to the ever-expanding future of news and education with Atlas News+!