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Stanford Nix is the Chief Operating Officer of Atlas News. Stanford holds a BBA in entrepreneurship with a minor in political science, and an MBA in finance. His favorite TV show is succession.



McCarthy Elected House Speaker

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House GOP, was beaming on the House floor as the chamber started yet another vote for speaker. The California Republican had picked up 14 fresh votes on the previous round, reviving his...

Biden Wants To Fix Immigration Policy. Trump Wants To Wage A War.

Former President Donald Trump said in a statement that if he’s successful in his bid for the presidency in 2024, he will order the U.S. military to crush Mexican drug cartels and show them “no mercy.” While this week has been...

Ukrainian Billionaire & Former MP Arrested In French Ski Resort

Authorities in Ukraine say they have detained a businessman and former politician, who is suspected of embezzling more than $100 million, at a posh ski resort in the French Alps. Kostyantyn Valentynovych Zhevago is a Ukrainian entrepreneur and was the first Eastern European to...

As Tensions With Serbia Rise, Kosovo Blocks It’s Major Border Crossing

The former Serbian province of Kosovo has long been a source of tension in European diplomacy. When it unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008, it did so in violation of Serbian constitutional law, but several other nations, including...

FTX Insider Tipped Off Bahamian Authorities

A "close associate" of Sam Bankman-Fried has been an informant to the Bahamas' security commission and may have tipped off the authorities on where he was staying at the time of his arrest. According to the Financial Times, the...

SEC Charges 8 Social Media Influencers With $110M+ Stock Manipulation Scheme

Jordan Belfort. Bernie Madoff. Martin Shkreli. SBF. All operated on different levels of fraud, and all were caught. But not even the 'stratonites' from Belfort's infamous brokerage could touch the arrogance and stupidity of the SEC's newest chief-clown-officer: Zack...

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