Ongoing Ukrainian Shelling Targets Belgorod, Russian Federation

Lead Up to Today’s Actions:

After the 12-13 March Ukrainian Freedom of Russian Legion raids into the settlements of Odnorobovka, Nekhoteevka and Spodaryushino in the Belgorod Region of Russia, Ukrainian forces warned Russian civilians in the area to seek shelter. Those threats appear to have materlized this morning as a massed drone strike and surface-to-surface fires impacted Belgorod proper.

Ongoing Missile/Drone Attack:

At approximately 0453 EST, explosions registered in central Belgorod and eyewitnesses reported several explosions and fires near buildings along the Sota River.

By 0525 EST, at least three civilians had been reported injured. However, Belgorod Oblast, Russia Governor Gladko updated that number to at least one killed and three injured by 0620 EST. He also claimed that air defenses destroyed 10 “aerial targets” approaching the city.

Ukrainian Intelligence sources reported that Belgorod city authorities prevented civilians from evacuating the city over the last 24 hours. The report from RBC_UA_News reads below:

“Russian authorities are blocking the evacuation of civilians from the Belgorod region, – sources According to RBC-Ukraine sources in Ukrainian intelligence, the railway station is surrounded by security forces, panic is growing. RBC-Ukraine intercepted the conversation of local residents: “Karachansky was shot at and the taxi drivers were shot at, I don’t know how our people will go. Yes, the railway has already been cut off, that’s all, no one is being allowed either there or back, I don’t know, f*** let them go to Prokhorovka.”

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