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Turkish Forces Push Into Northern Syria, Against Kurds

Turkish Forces Push Into Northern Syria, Against Kurds


After continued buildup and threats, multiple Turkish convoys have crossed over the Syrian border, striking Kurdish and SAA (Syrian Arab Army) positions earlier in the day.

Earlier residents of the Turkish regions bordering Syria were purportedly announced to over a loudspeaker about the beginning of a military operation against Kurdish forces. Then Turkish Armed Forces entered Jarablus (Northern Syria) at the border as part of this offensive.

Reportedly the mayor of Gaziantep, in Turkey, said announced his social networks that the Turkish Armed Forces will invade Syria and instructed the inhabitants of his province, which borders #Syria, to stay at home. Sounds of clashes were heard in Ayn al-Arab, Syria. Artillery units of the TAF have started to strike Kurdish PKK/YPG targets simultaneously in and around Tel Rifat reportedly.

Turkish artillery struck Maraanaz, AinDigna and Shawargha on the northern side of Aleppo reportedly. Turkish F-16 warplanes flying in the Euphrates Shield region.

Reports that multiple TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) convoys can be seen at many points. A Turkish military convoy has reportedly entered Afrin region. Another large Turkish military convoy is also reported to have entered through the BabBab al-Salameh Border Crossing, Aleppo Province, 42km from Aleppo. Other Turkish military convoys were also seen moving along the border area. Turkish artillery shelling reportedly in Afrin also.

The Kurdish SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) says there are no changes in the military map on the Frontline, but it adds that Gurkish military will be forcibly relocating a large number of refugees to the Syrian side in the coming hours.

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