Ukrainian Troops Reportedly Enter Izyum, Lyman, and Kupyansk

Ukrainian Troops Reportedly Enter Izyum, Lyman, and Kupyansk


Update (1039 EST): Russian MoD announced why the Kharkiv regions were so depleted of arms and troops. They also announced redeployments of reinforcements are ongoing.

Update (1007 EST): Ukrainian Governor Haidai has announced that Ukrainian troops are on the outskirts of Lysychansk, Luhansk Oblast.

At approximately 0135 EST, unofficial reports began coming in that Ukrainian troops had entered Kupyansk, followed by reports that the settlement was “liberated” and Russian forces were in full retreat.

At 0245 the Russian appointed administration of the city began announcing the full evacuation of civilians towards the East after confirming Ukrainian troops entered the city.  Videos began emerging claiming to show Russian troops withdrawing from the city.

Then, at 0330 EST, Pro-Russian Telegram accounts began reporting that Ukrainian troops had entered Lyman, after several reports saying 3,000-5,000 Ukrainian troops were massing outside the city for the last 24 hours. Moments later, more Pro-Russian accounts began reporting that Lyman had surrendered.

Then at 0700 EST, Self Declared Donetsk People’s Repiblic Deputy Information Minister  Bezsonov told his telegram users that Russian forces had evacuated Izyum, a large logistics hub for the Russian Ground Forces fighting near Slovyansk. Former Russian FSB Officer Igor Strelkov also confirmed the reporting when he told his social media followers that Russian troops were fleeing the city.

At 0500 Ukrainian MP, Honcharkeno announced that Ukrainian forces were inside Izyum and have captured large quantities of Russian war supply’s including intact T-72 tanks.

However, there has also been a small number of dissenting Russian telegram pages that have refuted the claims, and stated that Russian troops still control Izyum.

If this reporting is true, today would represent a massive blow to Russian troops in the East who have held this territory since the beginning of March.



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