El Raton, El Chapo’s Son, Transported To Altiplano Max Sec Prison

El Raton, El Chapo’s Son, Transported To Altiplano Max Sec Prison


High-ranking narco lord of Cartel de Sinaloa, Ovidio Guzmán aka “El Raton”, was reportedly earlier flown from Culiacán to the Mexican capital of Mexico City in a military Boeing 737 NG aircraft under the protection of artillery vehicles and Mexican special forces operators on the airport’s runway, after his arrest earlier this morning. Much unrest has come out of this as his sicarios and cartel members have unleashed chaos on the state of Sinaloa.

Reportedly, Ovidio was then transported by an armored convoy to a helicopter, which then took him to El Altiplano maximum security federal prison, which infamously housed his father, El Chapo, before his escape in 2015, this transfer is reported by Mexican media. The lashback from this arrest has stretched across the entirety of the Sinaloa state as the Sinaloa Cartel, or CDS, has set up roadblocks and attacked prisons and airports among national guard bases and other locations.

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