Rescuers Still Working to Save Those Trapped by Rubble in Turkey and Syria

Rescuers Still Working to Save Those Trapped by Rubble in Turkey and Syria


The earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria almost two days ago has left at least 7,700 people dead.

The number of dead is expected to rise significantly as rescue crews continue operations to save those still trapped underneath the rubble.

Looking to help, search teams from almost 30 different countries have rushed to the areas of Syria hit by the earthquake. Despite this, aid is not arriving quickly enough to towns and cities that are cut off by the ongoing civil war in Syria.

The volunteer first responders, the White Helmets say that the devastation caused by the earthquake is too much for them to handle alone.

Meanwhile, the U.N. stated it was “exploring all avenues” to get aid to rebel-held areas of Syria after the only road U.N. aid workers are allowed to use to deliver aid to those areas was damaged by the earthquake.

In Turkey, approximately 380,000 have moved to hotels or shelters after being displaced by the earthquake.

Turkish authorities say that 8,000 people in Turkey have been rescued after being trapped by rubble.

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
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