Vehicle Rams into San Francisco’s Chinese Consulate

What You Need To Know

An individual, reportedly armed, drove their vehicle into San Francisco’s Chinese Consulate building on Monday, as reported by local media sources.

The driver, who was also found to be suffering from a gunshot wound, according to accounts from the San Francisco Standard.

The Details

Police believe the driver was armed and allegedly attempted to forcibly enter the consulate building, resulting in a police officer’s intervention.

Following the incident, the individual was promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention. Additionally, in a precautionary move, bomb squad technicians were summoned to the scene to ascertain if there was any explosive threat associated with the vehicle.

The San Francisco Police Department issued a warning, advising people to steer clear of the vicinity around the consulate, particularly at the junction of Laguna Street and Geary Boulevard, situated near the city’s Fillmore District

The warning can be viewed via the link below.


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