Capitol Police Arrest Two Armed Suspects With Modified Firearms on Sunday

The United States Capitol Police (USCP) has confirmed it arrested two men after attempting a traffic stop on the 100 block of C Street, NE. One of the suspects was found with a Glock, outfitted with a 22 round magazine and “giggle switch”, designed to allow for automatic fire. The announcement reads below:

”On Sunday, while on routine patrol at approximately 2:15 a.m., a USCP officer noticed a driver in a white Infiniti Q50 stopped along Massachusetts Avenue, NE, idling at a green traffic light by Union Station. Suspecting the driver could be impaired, the officer attempted to make a traffic stop. The driver then sped away and crashed into a Capitol Complex vehicle barricade near First Street and D Street, NE.

The driver and the passenger then ran away from the crash, which was near USCP headquarters. USCP Officers chased both suspects on foot. One was captured in the 100 block of C Street, NE, while the other was captured in the 500 block of Second Street, NE.

A Glock handgun, which had a 22 round extended magazine, was found on the passenger side seat, near an additional magazine. Another Glock, which had the “Giggle Switch,” was found in a flowerbed in the 100 block of C Street, NE.

The Infiniti Q50 was stolen out of Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Ricardo L. Glass and Onosetale Okojie of Washington, D.C., both 20-years old, were arrested for several charges including; Carrying a Pistol Without a License (x2), Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Unlawful Entry of a Motor Vehicle, Receiving Stolen Property $1000 or More, Possession of a Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device, Fleeing from a Law Enforcement Officer in a Motor Vehicle, Felon in Possession, Reckless Driving, No Permit, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, Possession of Unregistered Ammunition, Obliterate, Remove, Change or Alter the Serial Number of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of a Machine Gun.”

A Giggle Switch is simply a Glock switch or Glock auto-sear which is a small device that can be attached to the rear of the slide of a Glock handgun, converting the semi-automatic pistol into a machine pistol capable of fully automatic fire. As a type of auto sear, it functions by applying force to the trigger bar to prevent it from limiting fire to one round of ammunition per trigger pull.

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