Hostage Situation Inside Cafe, Ede, Netherlands

At approximately 0230 EST, Dutch authorities reported an emergency situation on Nieuwe Stationsstraat in Ede, Netherlands. By 0300 EST, elite tactical police and a bomb squad were sighted inside the police cordon as 150 residents were evacuated from the immediate area of the Cafe Petticoat. The elite Defense Explosive Ordinance Disposal Service was spotted by eyewitnesses on scene.

By 0500 EST, Dutch authorities had told on scene press that a “man with intent to hurt himself and others”  had taken hostages inside the Cafe Petticoat.

By 0530 EST, eyewitnesses had spotted a police robot delivering a brown package to the cafe which seems to have been accepted by the suspect. The owner of Cafe Petticoat confirmed that at least three of the hostages were employees at the establishment. However, by 0619 EST, police had successfully negotiated the release of three hostages which were seen being led out of the cafe.

However, one hostage was confirmed to still be with the suspect by Mayor Verhukst and that negotiations were ongoing. By 0737 EST, tactical police were spotted escorting the suspect into a car blindfolded, moments after the fourth hostage was released. Eyewitnesses did not report any gunfire and the suspect was confirmed to have a knife and a backpack which he claimed had explosives inside. A criminal investigation is underway.

The situation lasted about seven hours.


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