Russian Ground Forces Advance to Ocheretyne, Donetsk Oblast, Signaling Front-Wide Collapses

This publication reported earlier this morning that Russian Ground Forces had seized Novomykhailivka, Donetsk Oblast. That village is Southwest of Donetsk. However, this morning, both Ukrainian and Russian military bloggers have reported that Ukrainian defenses near Ocheretyne, Donetsk Oblast have also collapsed.

Ocheretyne is Northwest of Donetsk and represents a major thrusting direction of Russian Ground Forces. Just as Russian Ground Forces were utilizing a major supply route (C051133) to move their mechanized troops towards  Novomykhailivka, it seems that Russian Ground Forces have utilized a major rail cut coming out of Adiivka to move their troops up to Ukrainian defensive trenches.

At approximately 1045 EST on April 21st, 2024, initial reports indicated that intense clashes were ongoing near the train station in Ocheretyne. This was first reported by Russian military bloggers. By 1840 EST, Ukrainian military bloggers confirmed the reports and said that Russian forces were advancing. By 0113 EST this morning, Ukrainian military bloggers had announced that Russian forces had advanced more than 300 meters after shock troops left their trenches near Ocheretyne and pushed up the rail cut. znua_live on Telegram has reported:

“the most difficult situation is in Novokalynovy, Ocheretyn, Semenivtsi and part of Berdychi. Also, the enemy is putting heavy pressure on Netaylové, trying to break through between Pervomaiskyi and Nevelskyi to the west. Undoubtedly, the hottest point now is Ocheretyne, where the enemy has advanced almost close to the railway station of the same name. In the Nevelsky area, the enemy had 150-200 meters of advance near the eastern and southeastern outskirts. He even tried to run into the village, but was stopped. In the Semenivka district, the occupiers advanced an additional 100 meters.

By 0400 EST this morning, Russian military bloggers identified the 115th Mechanized Brigade from the Ukrainian side and that it had retreated from its positions in vicinity of the rail station that had been the center of the battle since yesterday. As of this publication, more than 30% of Ocheretyne has been reported in Russian hands with the Ukrainian 47th Mechanized Brigade attempting to deploy reserves in both axes to stem this front-wide Russian advance.

These dual announcements signal a grim day for Ukraine as political leaders have been sounding the alarm over a lack of personnel and advanced weapons from the West. The United States has recently passed a massive 60B USD aid package late last week, but it will take at least weeks for those funds to be realized into munitions and weapons on Ukraine’s front lines. If Russian Ground Forces press their advantage in the coming weeks, we could see massive hemorrhages in the Ukrainian lines in Donetsk.

United States Military Academy and American Military University Alumni. Victor covers flash military, intelligence, and geo-political updates.


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