U.S. Begins Construction of Gaza Pier, Troops to Live on RFA Cardigan Bay

U.S. Announces, IDF Confirms

At approximately 1400 EST on April 25th, 2024, the United States confirmed that its forces had begun construction of the humanitarian pier in Gaza. U.S. DoD Spokesperson Ryder confirmed this to press. This came only a few hours after a suspected Hamas mortar attack targeted a UN delegation which was inspecting preparations for the pier, signaling how the operation, while hailed by the international community as a lifeline, is under threat.

Within the hour, the Israeli Defense Forces confirmed that it has approved a CENTCOM Joint Logistical Over-the-Shore Initiative in the Gaza Strip and that it would provide security to the operation.

By 0200 EST this morning, US officials had told press that U.S. troops supporting the operation would be berthed on the UK Royal Navy Bay-Class Landing Ship RFA Cardigan Bay.

The Ship

RFA Cardigan Bay is a Bay-class landing ship dock of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA). Built by BAE Systems, the ship was dedicated into the RFA at the end of 2006. It can support 350 troops standard with capacity to support up to 700 in surge operations. It is manned y 60 sailors and has armed with (2) 30mm guns, (2) Phalanx CIWS, and other small arms. It has participated in numerous missions globally including humanitarian missions to Yemen, support to British SOF in the Middle East, and fulfilling a Mine Counter Measure (MCM) role. In April 2024, Cardigan Bay deployed to the Mediterranean to assist in the delivery of humanitarian supplies to Gaza during the Israel-Hamas War.

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