Russian Military Personnel Reportedly to Visit Myanmar

Russian Military Personnel Reportedly to Visit Myanmar


Local Myanmar media has reported that three hundred Russian military personnel have “been summoned” to the country for reasons unknown. The report reads that these personnel will begin rotating on December 1st, 2022. The report also revealed the identities of fifteen Russian military members who have been staying in the country since November 1st. Their pictures are below.


The State Administration Council (SAC) took power in a coup d’état in 2021 and has since waged a low-level war against nearly 50 ethnic groups throughout the country that enjoyed relative peace under Aung San Suu Kyi, who was sentenced to three years of hard labor for election fraud under the SAC. She still faces nearly 26 years for various other made-up crimes by the SAC that seeks to silence the historic leader after decades in reformative politics.

In February 2022, the SAC was one of the handful of governments publicly supporting the Russian Federation in its invasion of Ukraine, along with Belarus, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Kyrgyzstan. The SAC relies heavily on Soviet-era equipment and modern Russian systems to maintain its tenuous grip on power. However, this has been the first report of such an influx of Russian military personnel outside of Naval visits.

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