CIA’s Recruitment Drive in Russia Stirs Up Kremlin

CIA’s Recruitment Drive in Russia Stirs Up Kremlin


Today the Kremlin announced that it is keeping a watchful eye on Western espionage activities, following the publication of a video by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). This video, which was published yesterday, encourages Russians to make contact with the agency.

The video, which is in Russian, appeals to military officers, intelligence professionals, diplomats, scientists, and individuals knowledgeable about Russia’s economy and leadership.

This invites Russians to take considerable risks, especially with the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously cautioned his citizens against traitors, and recently, the penalty for treason in Russia was increased from 20 years to life imprisonment by the parliament.

Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary of the Russian President, commented on the video during a press briefing with journalists.

According Russian media, the CIA also published the video on Telegram and provided instructions to Russian citizens on how to transfer information to the United States,

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
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